Why do pups bury their bones? 

Ahhh a dogs bone. Their prized possession, their treasure; dogs are the guardians and protectors of their bones. It’s pretty common that when a pup gets a bone the fist thing they do is pace back and forth, and look for a place to bury that bone. Having two pups myself (a boxer and beagle), I have sat there and pondered why…why does my beautifully tamed backyard have to now be destroyed? I love my pups and want to believe that they aren’t doing this, knowing they shouldn’t, just to spite me because, I didn’t give them half of my pizza when they begged…And so I set forth on a mission to understand why?

Sometimes we forget that pups have been around for a very long time, and haven’t always been what they are today. From size to characteristics, they have been breed to please us humans. However, we must not forget that no matter how far we breed the pup to satisfy our wants, they still have ancestral instincts that they just can’t shake off. One of those things is burying their bones.

Think of the soil and ground as a refrigerator. Pups bury their bones to preserve them. The ground no matter what time of year stays cool, dark and moist. This acts as a refrigerator and helps to aid in storing, it keeps the bone fresher longer. A plus side to using mother natures’ refrigerator is that its help to naturally age the bone. Think of aged meat, tasty right?!

Another reason pups like to bury their bones is to hide them. Yes, it goes back to an ancestral instinct. Back in the days pups used to roam and weren’t as domesticated.  As a result of this, they never really knew when they would be able to eat again. To help ensure they will never go starving, they would hide and bury their bones, so this way they knew that they would be able to eat something. The dirt also helped to mask the smell of their bones, this made it so other pups and animals wouldn’t be able to find THEIR bone.

However, burying bones isn’t always based one protection and preservation. If you’re giving your pup too many treats and toys burying the extras acts as their savings.  Just in case there is ever a time you decide not to give them a treat, they at least will have some stashed away. Other reasons for a pup burying their bone is to subside their boredom.  Sometimes a pup can become extremely bored, and so they think if they bury something you will play with them and give them attention. This “something” isn’t a bone, it’s usually a “something” of yours (such as keys, jewelry, socks, a remotes). So, if your pup is bored enough- then you better be ready for a game of hide and seek.

After all my research, what I came to find was that my boxer buries his bones due to his instincts to protect and save them for later. Meanwhile my beagle likes when I play hide and seek. Especially with my keys, when I have to leave for work. Wether it be to marinate their bones, or get your attention, your pup doesn’t ever bury to intentionally upset you.  It’s just in their nature. Click the link for tips on how to help prevent your pup from burying.

Tips to stop your pup form digging. 


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