Who Nose What?

What is your pups’ nose telling you ? 

Our pups’ nose is one way we can communicate with them.  Their nose can tell us if they are sick, dehydrated, or even allergic.  We all now that wet cold nose that presses up against our face to say good morning, or goodnight.  The nose that wiggles when it smells something good, and stays close to the ground when they’re on the hunt…but what is our pups’ nose really telling us?

Most of us believe that if our dogs nose is wet it means that they are healthy. Yes it is true, pups are born with a wet nose, it is natural and healthy; however it doesn’t always mean that they are okay.  One reason a pups’ nose is wet is to help them cool off.  With all that hair on a pup, they are unable to sweat through their skin. So a wet nose helps to cool them off by releasing a watery fluid that helps (kind of like sweat fora human).  Another reason a pups’ nose is wet is simply because, they lick it.  At times a pups nose just gets dry, a little lick here and there helps to give their nose some relief.  Other times a wet nose is due to a layer of mucus that allows them to absorb smells better.

So if a wet nose indicates all of these things, when should you be worried?  If your pups’ nose is constantly runny it can mean that they have allergies to the environment, pollen, or food.  In extreme cases it can be a sign of bordetella (also known as the Kennel Cough) or canine influenza (if your pup has the vaccines don’t be alarmed).  If nasal discharge turns yellow or cloudy it can indicate infection.  If you notice there is blood in the discharge call your vet, it can indicate a tumor, or a foreign object lodged in your pups nose.  Excessive sneezing can tell you that you pup has allergies; it’s also another possible indicator that something is lodged in your pups nose.

What does as dry nose tell us?

Just like a wet nose doesn’t always mean healthy, a dry nose doesn’t always mean sick either.  After a nice slumber full of stretches, and puppy dreams your pups’ nose can be dry and warm; this is normal for all pups.  Another reason for your pups dry nose is age.  Just like us humans, the older we get the more wrinkled our skin gets (scary I know).  The same happens for pups, as mentioned before a pups’ nose acts as their skin when they need to cool off and “sweat”;  so when our pups get older, their nose tends to dry and crack.  There are creams and waxes out there that can help, such as Musher’s Secert. Dehydration is another factor that we must take into account, playing all day and lying around, a pup can forget to drink some water causing dehydration. Some water can easily solve this issue.  Another possible reason is something similar to sun exhaustion.  Sun bathing is a dogs’ past time. However, be reminded to take your pup out of the sun and heat, give them some fresh cold water to help cool them off and avoid dry nose.

To summarize, a wet nose is no better than a dry nose. You just have to be aware of your dogs’ behavior.  Poor appetite, blood, yellow or cloudy discharge, sores and scabs, pailful to the touch, and excessive sneezing or rubbing are signs to look out for when considering if you should take you pup to the vet.  To find out more information click the link below.

What is your pups nose telling you?


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