What makes us say aw.

Why do pups tilt their head?

We all know that head tilt that pups do. It makes almost any human say, “aw”, and lose their composure over something as simple as a tilt of the head. Maybe it’s because of their floppy ears and big eyes, or the fact that their expression seems to be of pure sweet confusion. In my onion, it’s the whole package. But why do pups do it?

There are a few known facts, and a few theories out there. One known fact is that the head tilt helps the pup to hear better. There are approximately 18 or more muscles in a pups ear; this is compared to 8 muscles in a humans ear, and 32 in a cats ear! The 18 (or more) muscles in a pups ear helps to allow them to hear all types of tones, and pitches. At times there are some sounds that need a little help so, a slight tilt of the head helps the pup to hear and understand a sound better.

Another reason for pups tilting their head is to help them see better. A pups eyesight varies depending on the snout of the pup. Bigger snouts tend to hinder a pups view, because of this these pups may tilt their head to see better.

There are also theories out their that believe the head tilt can indicate intelligence. They stand on the theory that it means the pup is trying to better understand and communicate with the human. Some may argue with this theory, however it is difficult to argue that pups lack intelligence. In todays day and age with all of the scientific studies there is proof that pups are more intelligent than we think.

However don’t just pass a pups head tilt without concern. I am not saying rush your pet over to the vet ever time they tilt their head. However, pups can experience dizziness and disruptive balance the way a human does when they have vertigo. If your pup constantly tilts their head, as well as lack of balance and vomiting it can be a disorder of the vestibular system.

Which ever true fact, or theory you may believe in we can all agree a pups head tilt just melts the heart. Click the link for more information on why pups tilt their heads.

Click: Why do pups tilt their heads?


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