Have you found your match?

Know Your Breeds

Yes, its true all pups are cute! But are they the right pup for you?  Whether it be buying a new pup, or adopting, it is important to know what pup is the right match for you.  There are plenty of stories out there about pet owners who, yes love their pets but, they just can’t properly take care of the pup. There are several reasons as to why…

One reason may be that the dog is super energetic and needs a lot physical attention and an owner who is consistently active.  Another can be that the pup is an elder pup and is not energetic enough: we see this in families with younger children. Other times the dog is stubborn, and needs A LOT of patience- point is that every breed needs to be trained and treated differently. Now, just because they may not be the pup for you, doesn’t mean they come from a bad breed…this just means they are not your perfect match.

Not knowing the breed’s specific needs can lead to unhappy pups and owners.  A lot of the time we hear statements such as, “he/she is a bad dog”, “the dog never listens”, “the dog bites and doesn’t like other dogs”, and other things similar to these statements.  These are all things that can be avoided if the pup owner is knowledgeable about their pup’s breed. Moral of this story, do your research and know your breed.   If only there was a match.com or an e-harmony for pets and humans.  Till’ then we found the closest thing.   Click the link below to take a test that helps to best match you to a breed that fits your lifestyle.

Dog Breed Quiz


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